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Klamath Lake

$15M announced for habitat restoration projects in the Klamath Basin

On Tuesday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a new batch of funding for ecosystem restoration in the Klamath Basin. The region along the Oregon-California border has been hit with multi-year droughts and suffers from excess demand for water.

A total of $162 million was earmarked for the Klamath Basin over five years from the infrastructure law. This is the second year of funding. Organizations that are eligible include nonprofits, academic institutions, tribes and even community groups. Projects could range from fisheries restoration and water quality work to agricultural projects and efforts to improve waterfowl habitat.


Colloquium on the exceptional hypersaline ecosystem at Oregon’s Lake Abert


Lake Abert was dry during the summers of 2021 and 2022, thereby denying vital habitat to hundreds of thousands of shorebirds that feast on the bounty of the lake’s exceptional hypersaline habitat. This is an ecological calamity with potential dire consequences for the survival of some bird populations.

This Colloquium aims to present current knowledge on the lake and its ecology.  You will hear about its amazing capacity to produce shrimp and fly invertebrates that birds feast on, and about the birds that visit Lake Abert. You will also hear about how climate is changing and how we think those changes will affect the landscape in the Chewaucan valley surrounding Lake Abert.

We present the science of Lake Abert as information to be used for decisions that we hope will help preserve the lake ecosystem.

Sponsored by Oregon State University
and Oregon Lakes Association


Our 2022 OLA Graduate Scholarship Recipient is Kathryn Queen. Kathryn (Katey) is an MS student at the Institute of Watershed Studies at Western Washington University working under the supervision of Prof. Angela Strecker. She is interested in high montane lakes, which are important features scattered across the Cascade Range. 

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Congress passes legislation to study Oregon’s Lake Abert and other saline lakes

A new program aimed at improving the health of imperiled salt lakes across the American West is moving forward, thanks to legislation passed by Congress in December 2022. 


Lake Abert

Oregon’s Lake Abert is not the only hypersaline lake at risk of going dry: new worries for Great Salt Lake

Drying Great Salt Lake could expose millions to toxic arsenic-lasted dust. The largest saline lake in North America is on track to collapse within five years, a new report finds.

Our Mission

OLAs Mission is to promote the understanding, protection, and thoughtful management of lakes and watersheds in Oregon. To fulfill this mission, OLA holds lakes conferences and workshops, publishes the Lake Wise newsletter, advocates for lakes in the legislative arena, and offers graduate student scholarships. 

OLA strives to be a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community for all members, students, event participants and community partners. We encourage participation by all regardless of age, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, color, race, religion, sexual orientation and socio-economic status. OLA recognizes a diversity of perspectives is important to tackle the complex issues facing Oregon’s lakes and watersheds.

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YouTube videos of our most recent events, the 2021 Careers in Freshwater Panel discussion and the 2021 Harmful Algal Bloom Stakeholder Meeting, are available for review. Archived meeting videos and presentation slides, including those from our online Fall 2020 Seminar Series, are available for OLA members within our meeting archives. Please consider joining OLA to gain access to our archives, get reduced conference registration rates, receive our triannual Lake Wise Newsletter, and gain access to the Newsletter archive. 

OLA's Scholarship and Outreach Fund

OLA's Scholarship and Outreach Fund supports research on Oregon's lakes and watersheds and public outreach activities. Click on the button below to learn more about Katey Queen, about new opportunities, read about past award recipients and activities, and contribute to the Scholarship and Outreach Fund.
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