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Applications for the 2024 OLA Graduate Student Award Are Now Being Accepted

Award Amount: $1,500 and up to $200 for expenses to present at OLA conference.

Applications Due: 6/15/2024

Award Date: July 2024


    • Master’s or PhD students enrolled in an Oregon college or university conducting lake related research.
    • Master’s or PhD students enrolled in a college or university outside of Oregon conducting lake related research on Oregon lakes.
    • Previous OLA Student Award recipients are not eligible.

We encourage applications from candidates of diverse backgrounds; in particular, candidates from marginalized groups underrepresented in Science, Technological, Engineering, and Math sciences.


Donate to the Scholarship and Outreach Fund

Your funds will be used to support current research and outreach activities, and help build and maintain Scholarship and Outreach Foundation funds into the future.

Donation goal

Collected: $2,510.00
Goal: $2,500.00

2024 Oregon Cyanobacterial Harmful Algae Bloom Meeting

Oregon State University and the Oregon Lakes Association held the 2024 Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Bloom Meeting  on Friday, March 8, 2024

At this annual meeting, stakeholders share information on recent blooms and any changes in regulations and bloom management. Those with new interests in or management responsibilities for HABs in lakes and reservoirs will find this a good meeting to make connections with people in Oregon who are knowledgeable about HABs. 

Many thanks to the panelists and participants for taking part in this event! If you'd like to review the talks or were not able to attend,  YouTube recordings of the talks and the slides presented are available at the link below. 


January 23, 2023 Colloquium on the exceptional hypersaline ecosystem at Oregon’s Lake Abert


Lake Abert was dry during the summers of 2021 and 2022, thereby denying vital habitat to hundreds of thousands of shorebirds that feast on the bounty of the lake’s exceptional hypersaline habitat. This is an ecological calamity with potential dire consequences for the survival of some bird populations.

This Colloquium aims to present current knowledge on the lake and its ecology.  You will hear about its amazing capacity to produce shrimp and fly invertebrates that birds feast on, and about the birds that visit Lake Abert. You will also hear about how climate is changing and how we think those changes will affect the landscape in the Chewaucan valley surrounding Lake Abert.

We present the science of Lake Abert as information to be used for decisions that we hope will help preserve the lake ecosystem.

Sponsored by Oregon State University
and Oregon Lakes Association


YouTube videos of our most recent events, the 2021 Careers in Freshwater Panel discussion and the 2021 Harmful Algal Bloom Stakeholder Meeting, are available for review. Archived meeting videos and presentation slides, including those from our online Fall 2020 Seminar Series, are available for OLA members within our meeting archives. Please consider joining OLA to gain access to our archives, get reduced conference registration rates, receive our triannual Lake Wise Newsletter, and gain access to the Newsletter archive. 

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