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Toni Pennington

Environmental Science Associates (ESA)


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Environmental Science Associates (ESA)
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Aquatic Biologist
Toni is an aquatic biologist at ESA (Environmental Science Associates) with 17 years of experience developing and implementing aquatic plant research projects, sampling and analysis plans for freshwater systems, and aquatic invasive species (AIS) prevention and management programs across the western U.S. Her research on aquatic plants includes physiological studies to improve management of non-native species, ecological studies on nutrient requirements, and herbicide efficacy studies to determine lowest dose requirements for management. Toni has been actively involved in numerous regional and international organizations related to the research and management of lakes and reservoirs, aquatic plants, and invasive species, including board positions on the Oregon Lakes Association and the Western Aquatic Plant Management Society. Toni received her PhD from Portland State University where she evaluated the phenological response of Brazilian elodea from two populations in Oregon and California. Toni has been an OLA member since moving from Texas to Oregon in 2000 and has previously served on the OLA board as Director and Treasurer. Toni now lives in Bend, OR with her husband, young son, and dog where she enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, skiing, hiking, and mountain views.
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